"There is no 'try'...there is only do, or do not." ~ Yoda

"There is no 'try'...there is only do, or do not." ~ Yoda

Preparing myself, my family and my friends for the Fourth Turning.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Song

Drift on
lonesome son of a hundred names
see: the past has forgotten you already.

Time is your enemy
and the Reaper his master.

How much more have you to see?
How many moments
can be spent in any one place
or with any one person?

The wanderlust calls, quiet vagabond
and you must answer.

And do your parents
your brothers
know where you are?

And if they knew would you be in their thoughts
or in the thoughts
of the women you have loved, and lost?

Move quickly, for time follows close
with Death at the leash
and when the Reaper sings to you of eternity
who will mourn for thee?

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